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Developing of video games market

Recently, the global gaming industry stands out when looking at the most developing and ever-growing sectors. With the increase in internet coverage and capacity; smartphone, console, and pc games are increasing day by day and new features are added. Although many gamers consist of kids and teens, a great mass from 7 to70 likes video games. According to The Asean Post new, the video games industry market is estimated to reach US$159.3B in 2020. The development in the video games industry can be seen in detail in the infographic below.

Source: The Asean Post
Source: The Asean Post

Blockchain-based video games

The day-by-day development of blockchain technology has led to the development of some solutions for many industries, including video games. And blockchain-based video games started to be developed. Devrim Danyal explains the reason for the transition to blockchain-based games as follows:

-Transparency (easy to trace the history of each asset)
-Security (impossible to steal a gamer’s game keys as long as their private keys are securely stored)
- Unchangeable (transaction history cannot be changed)
-Agentless transaction (gamer can transfer tokens to another person without involving any middlemen)

These basic features provided by blockchain are gaining more acceptance and trust among all market actors, from developers to gamers. In addition, the fact that the cryptocurrency economy has entered the gaming industry more and facilitates trade leads to an increase in the number of blockchain-based gaming companies and the development in this sector. The main blockchain-based solutions that provided trust between developers and gamers were as follows:

Smart Contracts ( Due to it is open source, it provides trust between developers and gamers)

Fungible tokens as currency (Payment mechanism)

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) as digital assets (Gamers can create their own unique assets, collect them and trade them in the marketplace)

Polyient Games and blockchain gaming reimagined

Polyient Games, people who hear its name often mistake it for a game development or sales company. Contrary to popular belief, they fund their blockchain-based game development companies and offer blockchain-based solutions. They are now supports for blockchain games, dapps, NFT & DeFi startups. Regarding NFTs, which have become quite popular recently, it is the first investment company established to develop the NFT ecosystem and apply this system to companies in its portfolio. Currently, the games in its portfolio are: Axie Infinity, The SandBox, Battle Racers, Blockchain Cuties, Neon District, and Dissolution.

Nowadays Polyient Games has focused all its energy on NFT innovation with its partners. To help shape the future of blockchain games and NFTs; Technical partnerships was founded with industry leaders such as AVA Labs, Chainlink, Maker, Magic, Cargo, and Polyient Labs. It even created a DEX that is supported by Avalanche blockchain exclusively for NFT with AVA Labs. They created the PGFK utility token to enable NFT trading on DEX. In a very short time, the AVAX-PGFK swap market will be launched, and AVAX holders can easily own PGFK tokens. In addition, members can be able to get a share of transaction fees by adding their tokens to the pool.

Polyient Games also has different ideas about DeFi. They are working on a gamified DeFi experience. As a result, Polyient Games continues to work on decentralized apps. The DeFi experience with NFTs is obviously very interesting and promising.


Agreement with AVA Labs for great ideals

Polyient Games had to choose a blockchain to implement projects like DEX for NFTs and DeFi with NFTs. Bred Robertson, Polyient CEO explained why AVA Labs preferred Avalanche Blockchain as follows:

“The current reality is that the congestion of the Ethereum network is hindering the adoption of blockchain gaming and the NFT asset class. By building on Avalanche, we are able to leverage a scalable infrastructure while maintaining bridges that facilitate the seamless transfer of ERC-20 and -721 assets.”

Avalanche is an open-source platform for launching decentralized finance applications and enterprise blockchain deployments in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem, it is also finance focussed. It aims to contribute to the cryptocurrency ecosystem on DeFi, Dapps, and every other decentralized issue. Let us remind you of Avalanche’s motto: Build the Internet of Finance

The two great energies have come together and they want to launch firsts in the future crypto ecosystem. The gamified DeFi experience is interesting, isn’t it?

In this paper, I briefly tried to introduce Polyient Games and explain the reasons why AVA Labs chose the Avalanche blockchain. I hope you enjoyed this article, see you …

This paper was created by Zybk70 who is an AVAnger.

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